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Connected Risk

The Connected Risk API allows you to interact with the Connected Risk Platform without the need to open up the web browser and use the dashboard and other front end functionality. 

The Connected Risk Platform includes a set of tools you can use to configure the Audit Management, Compliance Management, Model Risk Management, Policy Management, Risk Management and Regulatory Change Management products. These products allow you to manage your risk incidents from capture to closure, record related issues, share information and analysis, and provide an audit trail with supporting documentation.

The Connected Risk Platform provides you with:

  • a uniform view of risk processes
  • effective workflow interaction
  • streamlining of data from legacy solutions
  • a flexible data model
  • customization to your specific needs

Using the Connected Risk API you will be able to:

  • Log in and out of the Connected Risk Platform.
  • Locate and retrieve users' details.
  • Locate and work with nodes, instances and links.
  • Work with teams, metrics and time periods.
  • Initiate and apply workflows.
  • Retrieve and work with attachments in the Connected Risk database.

The Connected Risk API covers the basic functionality of the Connected Risk application and can be used in conjunction with all of the Connected Risk Solutions.


For more information about the Connected Risk application see the Connected Risk Online Help.